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April 12, 2014

I have a thing for black & white photography… I think all film photographers do. This series of photographs from Jen Davis shows why it grabs our hearts so.

Snowed in with my kids this winter, I decided to shoot a roll of Tri-X.  Here is a glimpse of our day.
Canon Elan II, 35mm, Tri-x, 35mm, developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.


Photography by Jen Davis
IG:  photographybyjendavis
Google +
Photography by Jen Davis_01 Photography by Jen Davis_02 Photography by Jen Davis_03 Photography by Jen Davis_04 Photography by Jen Davis_05 Photography by Jen Davis_06 Photography by Jen Davis_07 Photography by Jen Davis_08 Photography by Jen Davis_09 Photography by Jen Davis_10 Photography by Jen Davis_11 Photography by Jen Davis_12 Photography by Jen Davis_13 Photography by Jen Davis_14

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featured photographer | ami parrish photography

April 02, 2014

I love this series because it reminds me what an artist she is. Things in her world are a mess, they’re disorganized, but it seems as though, there’s a reason for it all. Little doll shoes, sea shells and sequins inspire her. She’s full of energy, laughter and music, but when she’s creating, she’s quiet and thoughtful. I hope she continues to find creative outlets throughout her life. Maybe I can get her into photography!
I love that medium format film comes in a roll of about 12 images. It’s just enough to tell a kid sized story, before they move on to the next one.


Thank you Ami for this fantastic submission! I am loving seeing your work lately and it is clear how passionate you are about film.

See more of Ami’s work here:



img191blog img185blog img186eblog img187blog img188eblog img189eblog

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film mama friday | top ten

March 29, 2014

This theme of golden was so very much needed in these last dreary days of March. It’s raining here in Virginia right now and these images are making my soul happy!

The next theme will be: verdant  (your interpretation is wanted and celebrated here!)

Jen Davis | Photography by Jen Davis

Fuji 400H

jennifer moore davis


Kim Fachet De Araujo | Luca Bebe Photography

kim fachet de araujo


Marta Russell | Marta Russell Photography

marta russell


Melissa Pointer | Melissa Pointer Photography

melissa pointer


Maggie McClendon | I Like This Photo

maggie mclendon

Lillie Brennan

lillie brennan


Corrie Heisey | Little Bud Photography

corrie heisey


Carrie Geddie | Carrie Geddie Photography

portra 400 +1

carrie geddie


Lori Allen | Lori Allen Photography

Portra 400

lori allen


Gretchen Willis | Gretchen Willis Photography

Canon EOS5 • Ektar 100 • TheDarkroom.com

gretchen willis


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featured photographer | sprout portraits

March 26, 2014

Part of the beauty of film is in the finite. It’s knowing that you have a limited amount of shots and having the skill to make the most of those few frames. Quite often we have frames left at the end of a session or wedding and we use those few frames on who we love the most… our little ones. Katherine Harte of Sprout Portraits shares with us a shining example of making the most out of just a few frames…

to see more of Katherine’s work click here:



Mamiya 645 AF
80 mm 1.9
Portra 400

Harte3 Harte1 Harte2

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film mama friday | top ten

March 14, 2014

This theme of “little” has been running through my mind all week as I’ve sat in my house – still, quiet… unshowered mostly, eating whatever is quickest, with warm, sleeping babies at my side. Warm from the fevers running through their tiny bodies fighting off yucky stuff. Warm from the piles of blankets on us. Warm from us. The flu is a basic, everyday thing but a mama tends to look at those fragile little bodies and worry seeps out with no warning. And that worry is accompanied by gratitude – knowing that right now they need you and only you – and that will only last while they are little.

I love that this theme celebrates that.

The theme for the next couple weeks will be: golden


Ami Parrish | Ami Parrish Photography
Mamiya Pro TL; Delta 3200; Developed & Scanned in home studio

ami parrish


Carrie Geddie | Carrie Geddie Photography
Portra 160

Carrie Gedde


Corrie Heisey | Little Bud Photography
ektar 100

Corrie Heisey

Debbie van der Schyff

Debbie van der schyff

Emily Rainsford | Collaboration with Light
Kodak Ektar 100 / Canon AE-1P

emily rainsford

Erika ‘Quade’ Roa | Fish Photo
Fuji Superia 800 (pushed to 1600) Konica T4

Erike Roa Fish Photo

Jayme Ford | {the} paper deer photography
Fuji 400H | Mamiya C330 | Caribou Film Lab

jayme ford

Kim Fachet De Araujo | Luca Bebe Photography

kim fachet de araujo

Lea Jones | The Red Mop Photography
fujifilm 400 | canon a-1

lea jones the red mop

Marta Russell | Marta Russell Photography
Mamiya 645 portra 800

marta russell

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featured photographer | natalie seeboth photography

March 04, 2014

From the photographer:

This is my daughter Georgia, shot on a Mamiya 645 on Portra 400 overexposed two stops. Sometimes I can catch her when she isn’t looking.

To see more of Natalie’s work go here:




Georgia Georgia-2 Georgia-3 Georgia-4 Georgia-5 Georgia-6 Georgia-7

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film mama friday | top ten

February 28, 2014

This theme of “memories” tugs at my heart. The ache and the pride that comes with watching their childhood slip away and glimpsing who they’ll become is something that all of us mamas feel. I love how these images capture the bittersweet of that.

The theme for the next two weeks is: little

Lori Allen | Lori Allen Photography

F-100, Portra 400

lori allen f100 portra400


Jeanine Phelps | Bella Jewel Photography

nikon n90 | kodak gold 200 expired in 1998



Marta Russell | Marta Russell Photography

f100 tri-x



Nicole Lattanzi | Nicole Lattanzi Photography

Canon EOS3, Portra 400


Lea Jones



Debbie van der Schyff

underwater disposable camera with kodak superia



Carrie Geddie | Carrie Geddie Photography

Olympus Stylus Epic | Kodak Gold 200 | Walgreens



Christine Jones | Christine Jones Photography

n90s, portra 400, walgreens



Heather Chang | Heather Chang Photography



Amanda O’Donoughue | Amanda O’Donoughue Photography

Nikon F2


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a film mama workshop

February 18, 2014

This workshop has been in the works for a while now and I am thrilled that I can now shout it from the rooftops! I have long admired Hillary O’Dell’s images and have seen her give overwhelming support to new and experienced film photographers alike. I am so proud to be teaching this all-inclusive film workshop alongside her and hope that you’ll join us in our obsession with all things film.


film workshop

Location: Waverly, Virginia

What’s included:

Your room here on the farm (in the 3 bedroom, 2 bath Cottage)

All homecooked meals and snacks

2 sample rolls of B&W film

2 sample rolls of Color film

B&W developing and scanning  (along with tutorials on color processing)

access to my workshop group on Facebook where you can continue your workshop experience

Cost of the workshop: $1400 (there is a $200 deposit due in order to reserve your spot). Please email jennifer@warthanfarms.com


virginiafamilyphotographer006 virginiafamilyphotographer007 virginiafamilyphotographer002 virginiafamilyphotographer003

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featured photographer | americana portraits

February 16, 2014

Before Valentines Weekend ends, I want to share these delicious images from Kristin Hemenway of Americana Portraits. Thank you Kristin for such a fun session to share this weekend!

See more of Kristin’s work here:



AmericanaPortraits_Valentine1 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine2 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine3 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine4 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine7 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine8 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine12 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine13 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine18 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine20 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine22 AmericanaPortraits_Valentine23

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film mama friday | top ten

February 14, 2014

This theme of shine lifted my spirits during a drearily cold, gray week! Next week’s theme is memories (and thank you to my Valentine for choosing that).

Here is this week’s Top Ten…

Carrie Geddie | Carrie Geddie Photography

carrie gedde

Christine Jones | Christine Jones Photography

christine jones


Debbie van der Schyff DEBBIE-35ew (1)

Gretchen Willis | Gretchen Willis Photography

gretchen willis

Horace and Mae | Horace and Mae Photography



Kel Ward | Kel Ward Photography






Marta Russell | Marta Russell Photography



Nicole Lattanzi | Nicole Lattanzi Photography

nicole lattanzi

Emily Rainsford | Collaboration with Light

emily rainsford

Kel Ward | Kel Ward Photography

kel ward



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