Giveaway for the Film Mama Retreat!

July 04, 2014

Recently I was interviewed by In Beauty and Chaos and included a seat in my upcoming Film Mama Retreat. Here’s how to win…

Link to blog post:

How to enter for the Giveaway:

1. Follow Jennifer on Instagram (see Instagram link above)

2. Follow In Beauty & Chaos on Instagram

3. Post an image with creative use of light to use hashtag: #inbeautyandchaos_JW

A winner will be picked on Tuesday, July 8th

Send me an email at to sign up for the retreat!
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film mama | the retreat

June 09, 2014

FINALLY!! The January film mama retreat here at Warthan Farms Photography is now open to everyone and we have a few spaces left! Hillary Lester O’Dell and I have a fun weekend planned and cannot wait to immerse ourselves in film.
Dates: January 9th – 11th (travel dates are very flexible so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need to stay an extra day. That’s THE best part about having retreats in my own studio/guesthouse vs. a hotel!)
Price: $500
Deposit: $100 payable via Paypal to: or by calling 757.899.0178
| deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred
Details: All-inclusive. All meals, snacks and lodging in my three bedroom/ two bath Cottage are included. This is a house on our farm exclusively for photographers. There are 5 spaces open!

The weather here in January is typically 30-40 degrees. We only get snow two or three times a year max so I don’t anticipate awful conditions. We really wanted to plan it when we (and probably most of you) are at a lull with clients… let’s get that inspiration pumping during the winter months!


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film mama friday | top ten

May 24, 2014

unexpected | Amy Bethune Photography

Canon EOS3 + Fuji 400H + The FIND Lab

amy bethune

unexpected (rejection of strawberry) | olympus stylus epic, superia 400, walgreens | Carrie Geddie Photography

carrie gedde


unexpected | Christine Jones Photography

christine jones

unexpected | jackie cuervo

canon ae1- portra 400 – The Find Lab
(never saw the plane in the frame until I received the scans)

jackie cuervo

An {unexpected} moment between my older two. Kel Ward Photography

Canon EOS3 + Tmax 400


unexpected (beauty on a grey day) | the red mop – Léa Jones
(portra 400)

lea jones

Unexpected – Pentax K1000+ cheap store brand film (400 speed) developed at Walmart
Melissa Pointer Photography

melissa pointer

unexpected SE Photography

sarah ermlich

Unexpected | Tasha Dawn Photography
Expired Kodak Gold 200 | Rebel K2
Unexpected because this film expired in 2003.

tasha utt

unexpected… my oldest daughter being willing to hold her sister on Mothers Day. 

Pentax 645n, Fuji400H pro
Lilac Blossom Photography




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featured photographer | emily w photography

May 06, 2014

… below are two photos of my baby daughter. she turns one this month and i have always found first birthdays to be very emotional, lots of looking back over the precious baby year.
Thank you Emily for these sweet images of your baby girl. I love the soft tones of these!
my sleeping baby (canon ae-1, kodak portra400)
EW resize2 EW resized
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film mama friday | top ten

April 25, 2014

These images were a breath of much welcome spring air after a long winter. Thank you to all who submitted! To participate simply post your image to the film mama wall on Facebook. Our next theme is: unexpected

Collaboration With Light

Believe it or not, this was out the back of our motel door while we were looking for a rental house. Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Kodak Gold 200 / Canon AE-1P / Pakon scanned

emily rainsford

Erica Sandusky Photography

Canon Rebel G + 40mm @f/2.8
Kodak Ultramax 400 + Indie Film Lab

erica sandusky

Fuji 200 (expired)/La Sardina Camera - Little Fish Photo

erika roa

 jaclyn shepard photography
mamiya c330, portra 400

jaclyn shepard


 Lauren Radley Photography
{EOS-3, Portra 400}

lauren radley

Photos by Misty Smith
Portra 400 with my Pentax MX and 50mm

misty smith

Nicole Monaco Lattanzi
Portra 160 | Canon EOS3

nicole lattanzi

verdant – egg hunt - SE Photography
pentax k1000 75-200mm macro zoom fuji superia 400

sarah ermlich

rebel k2 | fuji superia 400

tasha utt

 Lilac Blossom Photography
Mamiya RB67, Portra 400, developed by Indie PhotoPhiladelphia

(I admit being partial to this one… this was taken during Tricia’s visit to our farm! – jennifer)

tricia burrough

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featured photographers | Michael and Carina Photography

April 22, 2014

*disclaimer: film is just another photography medium, and doesn’t necessarily make you a better photographer. There are plenty of photographers out there who do not shoot with it and who are completely amazing just the same. This is for people interested in “trying” their hand at film.

When we talk with other photographers who are interested in shooting film but who haven’t yet taken the “leap” of trying it out yet, one thing that inevitably comes up is the cost of film.

It’s as if there’s an idea out there that to shoot film means you “have” to shoot medium format film with the magical unicorn of film cameras, the Contax 645.

Don’t get us wrong – we love our Contaxes. They’re the cameras we see ourselves shooting with for the rest of our lives, not only the rest of our careers.

But they are still, at the end of the day, just cameras..

Our romance is with film.

Film slows you down. Makes you think. It’s like going on a photoshoot with a few one-time-use, expensive memory cards that hold just a few images each.

The surprise of getting images back from the lab; the learning experience of trying a new scanner or a new film type.

The constraints and the abundance of creativity it yields.

And shooting film is more accessible than you think.

A few weeks ago, we bought a Canon Elan 7 off of Ebay for $75.00. There are tons of old cameras out there that are available for super affordable rates; Nikons, too. This one we were excited to try out because it actually works with all of our modern, professional Canon lenses (EF mount). That’s a $75.00 “full-frame,” 35mm camera. We ordered some 35mm film – Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji400h- but decided for our first experience with it, we were going to “rough it.”

We went to Walgreens. Yes, Walgreens. We went and bought a few of the old boxes of Fuji Superia 200 tucked away in their 1 hour photo.

Last week, we experimented with the camera. The lens we used was admittedly a Canon L lens, the 35mm 1.4, but we deliberately shot stopped down to f2 to imitate the constraints of the cheaper glass.

Even at Kim and Brian’s wedding rehearsal, where we were invited as guests (not as official photographers), one of us photographed on the Contax (the prettier one did, that is), and one of us photographed using the Elan 7. We metered using the in-camera meter for 64-100 (hint – always err on the side of overexposing with film).

When we developed the drugstore Superia, we were tempted to send it into one of the best labs in the country… but opted to stay true to form and use Walgreens. Not that we would recommend it for professional work – it goes without saying that you get what you pay for and the scans from Walgreens are nothing compared to those from Richard Photo Lab – but for those of you who are new to film and just wanting to try it out, it’s definitely an affordable option! Wouldn’t you know it – our local Walgreens actually uses our favorite scanner – the fabled Frontier. Here are some of the results of our experiment!

All in all, it cost us around $110. The camera, the film (2 boxes), the processing – it only cost that much because we ordered two sets of prints from each roll. Walgreens prints… covered in scratches… not ideal. But using a better lab like Indie Film Lab, Film Box Lab, Photovision, or even Richard Photo Lab would cost about the same as what we invested for processing, just without the prints. Definitely not something that’s un-achievable if you’re interested in film and want to push yourself creatively! After a while the cost does add up, but if you’re like us, it’s more than worth it for the satisfaction we get in our work (and of course you can factor it into your pricing too).

To all our friends who want to “dabble” in film, there’s no better time to start “dabbling..”

Keep shooting!

xoxo M & C


Michael and Carina are international wedding photographers based in Virginia.

Blog | Website | Facebook

0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3887.jpg 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3886.jpg 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3883.jpg 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3885.jpg 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3888.jpg 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3890.jpg

I went out to eat with my friend Justin, who balanced the Elan perfectly at 1/15th of a second at f2 to take this. The “white balance” of the artificial light of the restaurant is technically off, but not as bothersome or ugly as in a digital file. – M 0111 Virginia_Wedding_PHOTOGRAPHERS_Michael_and_Carina_Photography_3889.jpg

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featured photographer | photography by jen davis

April 12, 2014

I have a thing for black & white photography… I think all film photographers do. This series of photographs from Jen Davis shows why it grabs our hearts so.

Snowed in with my kids this winter, I decided to shoot a roll of Tri-X.  Here is a glimpse of our day.
Canon Elan II, 35mm, Tri-x, 35mm, developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.


Photography by Jen Davis
IG:  photographybyjendavis
Google +
Photography by Jen Davis_01 Photography by Jen Davis_02 Photography by Jen Davis_03 Photography by Jen Davis_04 Photography by Jen Davis_05 Photography by Jen Davis_06 Photography by Jen Davis_07 Photography by Jen Davis_08 Photography by Jen Davis_09 Photography by Jen Davis_10 Photography by Jen Davis_11 Photography by Jen Davis_12 Photography by Jen Davis_13 Photography by Jen Davis_14

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featured photographer | ami parrish photography

April 02, 2014

I love this series because it reminds me what an artist she is. Things in her world are a mess, they’re disorganized, but it seems as though, there’s a reason for it all. Little doll shoes, sea shells and sequins inspire her. She’s full of energy, laughter and music, but when she’s creating, she’s quiet and thoughtful. I hope she continues to find creative outlets throughout her life. Maybe I can get her into photography!
I love that medium format film comes in a roll of about 12 images. It’s just enough to tell a kid sized story, before they move on to the next one.


Thank you Ami for this fantastic submission! I am loving seeing your work lately and it is clear how passionate you are about film.

See more of Ami’s work here:



img191blog img185blog img186eblog img187blog img188eblog img189eblog

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film mama friday | top ten

March 29, 2014

This theme of golden was so very much needed in these last dreary days of March. It’s raining here in Virginia right now and these images are making my soul happy!

The next theme will be: verdant  (your interpretation is wanted and celebrated here!)

Jen Davis | Photography by Jen Davis

Fuji 400H

jennifer moore davis


Kim Fachet De Araujo | Luca Bebe Photography

kim fachet de araujo


Marta Russell | Marta Russell Photography

marta russell


Melissa Pointer | Melissa Pointer Photography

melissa pointer


Maggie McClendon | I Like This Photo

maggie mclendon

Lillie Brennan

lillie brennan


Corrie Heisey | Little Bud Photography

corrie heisey


Carrie Geddie | Carrie Geddie Photography

portra 400 +1

carrie geddie


Lori Allen | Lori Allen Photography

Portra 400

lori allen


Gretchen Willis | Gretchen Willis Photography

Canon EOS5 • Ektar 100 •

gretchen willis


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featured photographer | sprout portraits

March 26, 2014

Part of the beauty of film is in the finite. It’s knowing that you have a limited amount of shots and having the skill to make the most of those few frames. Quite often we have frames left at the end of a session or wedding and we use those few frames on who we love the most… our little ones. Katherine Harte of Sprout Portraits shares with us a shining example of making the most out of just a few frames…

to see more of Katherine’s work click here:



Mamiya 645 AF
80 mm 1.9
Portra 400

Harte3 Harte1 Harte2

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